Technology Tracks

Our technical education program is organised by technology tracks to help you find sessions most relevant to you.

Navigate the breadth of topics included in the Cisco Live 2022 event. Select a technology track to explore sessions specific to that technology.

Our technical education program is organised into 9 different technology tracks.

Simply select your technology track of interest to learn more.

Applications and Observability

In today’s app-first world, technology teams must deliver on digital experiences their customers and stake holders demand. Teams are moving beyond domain-specific monitoring into full-stack observability (FSO) of their entire modern application landscape. Learn how ThousandEyes, AppDynamics, Intersight, and Secure App can transform your technology teams with new levels of observability for the business and customers.


Cisco has redesigned our training and certification programs to address today’s dynamic technologies to prepare engineers, and software developers for the industry’s most critical jobs. Learn more about the learning resources available for you to prepare or complete your next Certification.

Cloud and Data Centre

Whether you plan to evolve your data centre to build a private cloud, extend your network to the public cloud, build new cloud services, or manage a new multicloud environment; Cisco has the portfolio to simplify how you connect, protect, automate and consume all your clouds. See new Cisco innovations empower IT with an environment agile enough to rapidly respond to the swift changes in today's markets.


Embrace the world of hybrid work, where everyone feels included no matter where they work from, employee well-being is enhanced, and every interaction remarkable? See how the Webex platform is elevating hybrid work and transforming experiences – with a comprehensive set of tools and the flexibility to serve your needs today and in the future.

Developer (DevNet)

The rise of the enterprise developer is not new, but as we further rely on microservices, containers, and APIs for their success, the role has become more complex. Beginner or expert? Doesn’t matter. The Cisco developer track, offer’s technical sessions that get you started and keep you growing and coding on top of Cisco platforms and technologist. Find technical sessions, hands-on workshops, connect with our experts and more.

Internet of Things

The operational landscape is rapidly transforming. Learn how Cisco can assist you securely connect assets, applications, and data in real time to apply transformative business changes in both carpeted and non-carpeted spaces.


Cisco Networking builds on an intent-based networking model to simplify how you connect and secure your users, devices, and applications. With a software-delivered approach to automating and assuring services, the Cisco Networking portfolio has the breadth and depth to serve the broadest range of networking needs, including access, WAN, data centre, and cloud environments for organisations of all sizes, across all industries.


In an industry shrouded in fear, uncertainty, doubt, and complexity, Cisco, the worldwide leader in enterprise cybersecurity provides an open, integrated platform of products and services that accelerate IT initiatives. Cisco Secure is flexible, saves time, and is continuously updated and informed by the world's largest commercial threat intelligence team. Streamline detection, analysis, and response everywhere with intelligent automation and secure work wherever it happens.

Service Provider

Learn from industry leaders to see how you can Simplify, automate, and virtualise for a more agile and innovative network while grow revenue, reduceing costs and mitigate risk’s in the face of ever-increasing competition.

Reimagine your application experiences with visibility and insights into application domains across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-native environments.

Prepare for Cisco Certification exams, from Associate to Core/Professional/Expert and across all technologies–Networking, Software (DevNet), and CyberOps.

Training Levels

Levels of technical difficulty are used to set expectations for attendees. It indicates the anticipated level of experience the attendee should have with the technology before participating in the session, so that they can best understand and appreciate the content. Levels of technical difficulty are indicated by Session ID and Abstract. The first number in a sequence for the session ID indicates the level of difficulty.

Level 1: Introductory level sessions or (BRKxxx-1000)

Level 2: Intermediate level sessions or (BRKxxx-2000)

Level 3: Advanced level sessions or (BRKxxx-3000)



Learning Maps

Continue to dive deeper into the technical topics at Cisco Live with this collection of on-demand learning maps. Walk through the sequenced learning path with on-demand session links to reach your learning goals.

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